Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Great Reasons To Own And Raise Chickens

Hey Chicken Raising Chicks,

My post today is  3 Great Reasons To Own and Raise Chickens.

Okay, lets get started

 1. Food

  As many people know tons of people raise chickens for eggs and meat. Americans save every day having chickens and how of course eggs. A average American spends $25 per month on eggs. But with chickens you get them absolutely FREE! 

Now meat. The average American family spends $ 32,700 per year on just chicken. With raising chickens some people use them just for eggs, or just for meat but  in anyway you are or will be saving money.

2. Helping around the garden

Chickens not only help around the garden by compost but also BUGS! Which include
(Every bug know to man and maybe even more) Bugs are probably  the worst enemy to a garden they eat the plants and fruits , veggies, and leafs. Well with backyard chickens  all your bug problems are solved.

3. Pets and Laughter 

Every chicken that the Hart family has owned has had its own personality. Very funny personalities. We have chickens that team up, call for each other (more like scream at each other), some that will even be the best of buds then wake up on the wrong side of the coop and fight each other we even once had one that laid a  egg while chasing another chicken.

Not only are they funny put also great pets.

Hope you have a wonderful day and get a chicken!

 - Miranda Hart

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