Friday, August 16, 2013

Beginning With Chicks Series: Picking Up Your Chicks

Hey Chicken Raising Chicks!

Today's post is the third part of our five part Beginning with Chicks Series. If you would like to read more of the series, please visit the series announcement post for the full list of links.

Today I will be talking about bringing your chicks home.

Either you will get them in the mail or you will pick them up. We will first start with getting them in the mail. I may  need to inform some parents that  if you get them in the mail you might not want to open the box with small kids around, because in the delivery some may have died and seeing this may upset some children.

Okay so lets get started.

1. Going to get your chicks from the post office.

Make sure that your chicken pen is ready for the chicks. The chicks need a warm place ready when they get to their new home. Make sure the chicks have water and nice clean bedding. The chicks may be thirsty they have gone a long way without water. Okay now if everything is good you can go and get your new family members!

2. Going to get your chickens from the store.

Okay same with getting your chicks in the mail before you leave make sure that their pen is ready. This includes water, feed, bedding, and a heat lamp. Without these things your chicks will die. Also take some water and feed with you. Whenever we go to get our chicks we take water and feed and they always seem  hungry and thirsty. Also the pet store may give you a box but you may want to take one just in case they don't.

Now you can go and get your chicks. Good luck!


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