Friday, August 30, 2013

Beginning With Chicks Series: Putting Your Chickens Outside

Hey Chicken Raising Chicks,

This is the fifth and last post in our series Beginning With Chicks. If you have missed any of the posts and would like to read them here is our series announcement which contains links for all of the previous posts in the series.

Most people wonder when to put there chicks outside. Well, I'd like to answer to that question.

When they begin feathering out or at 6 weeks.

 Here is also some tips on putting them outside.

1. If  it is cold outside can they still stay out?

Not a good idea. They are still chicks they will get too cold and could possibly die.
If you already got rid of the brooder you had them in you can get a heat lamp and put it over the cage, but it is best to bring them inside.

2. When will chickens start laying?

It will vary by breed, but most chickens start to lay at about 5-6 Months.Some chickens will not lay eggs in their nesting boxes, they will lay eggs in the coop or yard.Our chickens did that at first but we taught them to lay in the nesting boxes. The best way to do that is to put a golf ball or plastic Easter egg in the nesting box. The chickens will think it is one of their own eggs and they will start to lay next to it. Once they have gotten the idea you can remove the golf ball.

3. Bedding can be added.

 Bedding can be added to reduce smell. But if the bedding gets wet you have to  get it out or it will smell worse.

4. How much space does a chicken need?

 Each chicken needs about 3-4 square feet. Chickens need to run around. If they are crowded the coop will begin to smell.

5. How old do chickens need to be to eat adult chicken food?

They need to be 18-20 weeks old. If they are any younger it can make them very sick and even possibly kill them.

6. Keeping your pen predator proof.

 Most people have trouble with predators killing their chickens.

If you have any bricks you can place them around the bottom of the coop. Make sure that if there is chicken wire on your coop it is small enough and that there are no holes anywhere. Raccoon's are very good at finding a hole and pulling the chicken wire big enough to climb inside.

Now you can put your chicks outside safely,



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